The following documents have to be prepared on employer’s letterhead attested first by the local chamber of commerce followed by the nearest Nepal Embassy or Consulate and then courier/forward to us.

Demand Letter

A copy of demand letter from the employer containing details of the vacancy demand. The demand should specify the type of worker required, nature and the number of workers, wages/salary, qualification, experience and other terms and conditions of services and benefits which the employer would like to offer.

Demand Letter Specimen

Power of Attorney

A copy of power of attorney duly authenticated / attested / issued by the foreign employer in favor of the recruiting agent to act on his behalf.

Power of Attorney Specimen

Guarantee Letter

This Letter Provides guarantee that the worker will be employed as per the demand letter.

Guarantee Letter Specimen

Agency Agreement

This is the agreement between the employer and Gulf Sky International Pvt. Ltd. for the particular project.

Agency Agreement

Employment Contract

A specimen of employment contract or service agreement mentioning salary offered and schedule of benefits like accommodation, food, medical facility, insurance, leave etc between employer and employee.

Employment Contract

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